Friday, November 20, 2015

NETT lays it down in Upton

Congrats to Young Patrick and Bob Segal for performing well at the recent durtyfeets Upton Trail Race. Patrick came in first in his age group and third overall in the half marathon (long) distance in Upton State Park, fractured collarbone and all. Bob came in second in the Senior division of the 10.5k (short), which for this race started at age 55+. Bob says, "It was a cool crisp day, perfect for running. Nice trails with rocks, roots, hills, fire roads, the works!"

Friday, November 06, 2015

NETT goes 1-2 at Watertown, gets a little whacked at Busa Bushwhack

Mini Ponies were charging all over the place this past weekend on the roads and trails.

Huge congrats to Zack and Paul for teaming up to finish 1-2 at the Watertown Boys and Girls Club 5K Road Race. For Zack it was a mere tempo run, but for Paul, who doesn't race on his feet all that often, it was a smart race. "The guy who won the last two years tried sticking with Zack the first mile. I think that helped wear him down so I had a chance to take him with 1/2-mile to go. I knew better than to try keeping with Zack!

If you're wondering why Paul wasn't wearing his NETT shirt, he had a VERY good reason. His wife was running for school committee and Paul sayd, "Given the local event and two days until the election I was wearing Candace's campaign t-shirt to get a bit more visibility for her (then spent the afternoon handing out leaflets up and down those hill-roads across from the Watertown track NETT used to do hill workouts on).

And by the way, Candace won her election, so chalk up one more victory for the NETT family this weekend!

Meanwhile over at the Busa Bushwhack trail race in Framingham, things didn't go quite as well for the Mini Ponies. In the 10 miler, YP got a bit dinged up after taking a pretty nasty fall which slowed him down to 7th place overall. Crazy Dave posted another mediocre result finishing in 1:12. And NETT newcomer Julia got the "full" trail running experience by taking a slight detour but still finished in a speedy 1:30 over the rugged 10 mile course.

In the five-mile race, Adrienne did a real number of her ankle and had to drop out of the race. And we all know her well enough to know that had to be a nasty injury-and it was, her ankle and foot immediately swelling up. Thankfully, the race organizers do SUCH a good job here, they had a ride for her back to the school where there were two EMTs waiting to treat her and wrap her ankle in ice. (That's one of those nice EMTs in the back of the photo and it now you know why Adrienne is seated!).

The best performances of the day for NETT came in the five-mile race our trio of most mature runners finished 12th (Patrick finishing in a spot that equals 1/5 his age), 18th (Marshall) and  36th (Bob). Great work guys.

(In this pic Crazy Dave and YP hob-nob with trail running royalty--Art Gulliver and Rich Busa. YP definitely doesn't have a problem warming up to folks! )

Friday, October 30, 2015

NETT's M+Ms Go Over (to) Niagra Falls

NETT's Mini Ponies raced well in two countries this weekend (including one race that actually spanned two countries!).
On Saturday Eminem and Eminem Jr. (aka K-M-M and N-M-M) headed to Niagara Falls for the Niagara Falls International Marathon and Half Marathon. Initially, things were not looking hopeful for the younger of the duo, who suffered a para-spinal lumbar sprain about 10 days prior. The question was...would he run or wouldn't he? Dr. Ron determined that running would not create further injury...the decision would wait for a game day assessment. Well...with the help of a few pain patches, a lot of optimism, and unbelievable determination, he completed the half in a very respectable 1:37 (7:28 pace) and won first-in-age-group for his effort.
The senior member of the family team was ecstatic about her race, finishing in 3:57:05, about 3 minutes faster than her Boston Qualifier in very strong headwinds. Her brief report: "I ran the first half, from Buffalo, across the Peace Bridge and into Canada, comfortably and confidently with the 3:50 pace group. Stayed with them through the 30k (18.6 miles) when the headwinds along the Niagara River really picked up. It felt like we were running carrying weights for the last 8 miles. By that time I was a little depleted and slowed my pace down by nearly 35 seconds per mile until the finish. So my second half was just over 5 minutes slower than my first. That said, I had no doubt that I'd finish, and couldn't wait to see my support crew by the roaring Falls at the finish line. Exciting day!" Her run earned her 6th place in her age group, a medal with a rotating Canada-US flag, and tea from Tim Horton's!
Back in the USA, one of this fall's most prolific runners, Ilya Bass, completed the Canton Fall Classic 10k in 47:41 (a speedy 7:41 pace!) placing him 8th in his age group. Congrats!
Stay tuned for next weekend's results, when a sizable crew of Mini Ponies heads to the Busa Bushwack Trail Race.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mini Ponies Crash the Age Groups at Ravenswood, Scarecrow races

NETT Mini Ponies had a very successful weekend, taking multiple age group awards at the Ravenswood Trail Race and the Lincoln Scarecrow race.

First, here's Bobblehead Bob's report from Ravenswood:

The Hall family did quite well today at the very technical Ravenswood 4.1 mile trail race in Gloucester. Andy and Bridget ran together, pacing her to second place in her age group. Meanwhile, Kristin, who owns this race it seems, finished first in her age group. And on top of that, during the post-race raffle, the Hall family won a family membership to the trustee organization that sponsored the race. They can go to all their parks and conservation lands for free! In my firdt North Shore Trail Series race of the season, I was happy to come in second in my age group. Beautiful crisp fall day and lots of goodies afterward.Full results posted here.

Meanwhile over in Lincoln, Paddlah Steve took the 60+ age group at the Lincoln Scarecrow 5K race, edging out his age-group nemesis (and all around good guy) Joel B.

And lastly Beet Juice Zack crushed the filed at the Pam's Run 10K in Wayland, running away with the race in 33:28, a cakewalk for Zack. Results here.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mini Ponies Roll Onto Wayland

The NETT XC specialists headed to the Wayland XC race for the umtheenth time and had a ball racing around the fields and trails of Wayland High School. On on the men's side, the Mini Ponies rolled out their more veteran squad and made the top 10 teams (okay, there were only 10 teams). Not bad. The trio of Steve, Marshall, and Patrick all finished in sequential order, a great XC team strategy. (Andy dropped in the first quarter with a bad hamstring).

On the ladies' side, our newest member Steph had a ball in her second trail race and Katie did double-duty as runner and mom/coach shuttling between the youth races and her own 5K. 

On a more historic note I'm pretty sure NETT has had some representation at Wayland every year since it's inception. It's a great race. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

Video: NETT Wings moves up to 9th place at Reach the Beach

Breaking news in the NETT newsroom: The Wings team somehow moved up to 9th place overall in the final results for the Reach the Beach relay (one of the top teams must have been penalized in the final results).

Also, here's a fun video that documents our journey through the wilds of New Hampshire. Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Perseverance Personified: Marshall and Bob go 1-3 at Houghton's Pond Trail Race

Huge congrats to two of NETT's most senior members for overcoming injury issues and successfully returning to trail racing. 

Marshall and Bob took 1st and 3rd in their age group at the Houghton's Pond trail race this weekend, both having worked their butts off in the past months (and more, in Marshall's case) to rehab and recover from nagging injuries. Here's Bob's report:

"On a cool, clear perfect day to run in Milton, the NETT masters division was well represented in the 6.2 mile trail race with Marshall Randolph running a blistering pace to finish first in his age group and 31 overall. Bob Segal completed the NETT sandwich around Segey Borisov by finishing third in the age group. Stephen Peckiconis ran a fine race himself and was kind enough to take this photo of the top three 60-69 finishers."

Whether it's training, charity work, racing or injury recovery, these two guys lead by example and NETT is lucky to count them among our members. 

Full results here: